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What is eSIM?

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Unlocking Connectivity: The Power of eSIM

In today's fast-paced, digitally-driven world, staying connected is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. Whether you're a seasoned globetrotter, a business traveler, or just someone with insatiable wanderlust, you've probably faced the challenges of juggling multiple SIM cards or the shock of exorbitant roaming fees. Enter eSIM.

What Is eSIM?

eSIM, or "embedded SIM", isn't your typical physical SIM card. It's a globally accepted SIM standard embedded directly into your device. This eliminates the need for a physical card and all the hassle that comes with it.

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Final Thoughts

eSIM - A Traveler's Dream

The world of travel is ever-evolving, and eSIM is at its forefront. It provides travelers with the convenience, flexibility, and security they've always craved. As you pack for your next adventure, let eSIM be your digital passport to global connectivity. Stay connected, explore freely, and make every journey memorable!

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Top Reasons to Switch to eSIM When Traveling

Choose your destination first, then a data plan according to your needs.

No SIM swap

No more physical SIM swaps. Simply scan a QR code or use an app to switch between carriers or plans.

Instant Ready

Stay connected immediately upon landing. Download and activate a local data plan before even setting foot in a new country.


Opt for cost-efficiency by choosing from various local carriers based on your needs.

Easy Switch

Switch carriers seamlessly in areas where coverage might be patchy.

No SIM Slot Used

Retain the option for a physical SIM slot, allowing dual-SIM functionality.


Choose an eco-friendly option with less plastic SIM card production

Enhanced Security

Benefit from enhanced security with advanced encryption and protection features.

+ Many More


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eSIM, and how does it work?

Think of eSIM as a virtual SIM card inside your phone that works just like the physical one you're used to. The cool thing? It's already in your device and can't get lost or damaged like a regular SIM card. Plus, it gets activated over the air, so when you're traveling, you don't have to worry about swapping cards or finding a local provider. It's like having instant connectivity wherever you go, making it super convenient for travelers.

Which devices support eSIM functionality?

Many modern smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and laptops support eSIM technology. Some popular devices include iPhones (iPhone XS and later models), Google Pixel phones, Samsung Galaxy devices, and select models from other manufacturers.

Where can I use eSIM data plans?

eSIM data plans are available in various countries and regions worldwide. However, coverage and availability may vary depending on the mobile carriers offering eSIM services and the specific regions they serve.

How do I activate an eSIM data plan?

To activate an eSIM data plan, you typically need to access your device's settings menu, locate the eSIM section, and follow the instructions provided by your mobile carrier or eSIM service provider. Activation may require scanning a QR code or entering an activation code provided by the carrier.

Can I use multiple eSIM profiles on my device?

Yes, many devices support multiple eSIM profiles, allowing you to switch between different mobile carriers or data plans without physical SIM card swaps. Check your device's specifications and capabilities to determine its support for multiple eSIM profiles.

What are the advantages of using eSIM data plans for travel?

eSIM data plans offer convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness for travelers. They allow you to activate local data plans without needing to purchase physical SIM cards or visit carrier stores, making it easier to stay connected while abroad.

Are there any data usage limitations with eSIM plans?

Data usage limits and policies vary depending on the mobile carrier and the specific eSIM plan you choose. Some plans may have data caps, fair usage policies, or speed throttling after reaching certain thresholds. Be sure to review the terms and conditions of your chosen eSIM plan.

How can I manage my eSIM data plan while traveling?

Many mobile carriers offer online account management portals or mobile apps where you can monitor your data usage, purchase additional data if needed, and manage other aspects of your eSIM plan remotely.

What happens if I lose or replace my device with an eSIM?

If you lose your device or upgrade to a new one with eSIM functionality, you'll need to deactivate the eSIM profile associated with the lost or old device and activate a new eSIM profile on your new device. Contact your mobile carrier or eSIM service provider for assistance with transferring your eSIM profile.

Are eSIM profiles secure?

eSIM profiles are encrypted and protected by security protocols to prevent unauthorized access and tampering. However, it's essential to follow best practices for device security, such as using strong passwords and enabling device encryption, to further safeguard your eSIM data and personal information.

Can an eSIM be refunded after I purchased it?

It depends on providers. Some will offer refunds if your eSIM is untouched (you haven't used it at all), some providers will not offer refunds. Some providers will be more flexible. can't be considered responsible for provider's refund policy.

When should I buy my eSIM ? When should I activate it?

Here are some tips though regarding when to buy and activate your eSIM. Let's say you live in Paris (you have a french phone number and a postpaid plan) and need a prepaid eSIM to go to New York for 5 days in one months : Buying : You can buy your eSIM before you go (in Paris) or when you arrive (In New York). Just be aware that to buy your eSIM, you'll need to be connected to the internet (to buy it online and receive it by email). So this can happen from the airport wifi when you arrive or from the comfort of home before you leave. Installing : You can install your eSIM before you go or when you arrive too. Same as when you buy, your device will need to be connected to the internet so that you can install your eSIM. We usually recommend that you install your eSIM just before your flight, as some providers will initiate your eSIM duration period when you install it (most providers will initiate your eSIM when you actually "activate" it and connect to the network, which is explained below). To install your eSIM, just follow your provider's instructions. Once you have installed your eSIM and until you land in your destination country, do not touch anything. Your eSIM is installed and just needs to be activated once you arrive. Activating your eSIM : Your eSIM is installed on your device, unused, and waiting to connect to the network. When you arrive in New York, you can just turn this line on from you iPhone settings. You'll immediately be able to connect to the local network. Please note that some eSIM providers will require that you turn on mobile roaming on your eSIM line (not your main line or you will get roaming fees !) in order to get network connectivity.